Cookie is the moniker for Jennifer Lucy Cook, a songwriter with enough imagination to power a small city. She’s on a mission to make music infused with joy, passion, and humor, and she does so with an inventive mix of retro flavor, layers of vocal harmony, and many a funky bassline. Cookie was raised on storybooks and old radio shows; the kind of ingredients that, when combined with her keen perspective on emotion, make for inventive and fresh lyric writing.

Cookie’s fascination with historic pop culture hugely influences her music. If you listen closely, you can hear where Golden Age musicals blend with Taylor Swift, where Carpenters records collide with having grown up in a Victorian farmhouse, and where late 90’s pop shakes hands with classic Looney Tunes. Her debut single, Meant to Be a Dancer, is a rare true-story narrative pop tune and a significant nod to Robyn. Dance collaboration Off Kilter questions the normal boundaries of song form and uses changing meter, but still utilizes an 80’s synth template and a 30’s throwback brass faux-sample. Her appreciation of decades past is even apparent in upcoming piano ballad I’ve Got a Little Room, which uses classic Tin Pan Alley-era song and lyric form in a modern cluster-chord harmonic setting. And most recently, Take Cover is a Phil Collins synth-pop millenial dream come true.

Home for Cookie is anywhere there’s a piano in the room – that being said, she’s always been influenced by the imposing nature in her home state of Utah, the bustle of London where she spent several years studying and working in musical theater, and the magnetism of Los Angeles, where her piano currently lives.

For media/bookings, contact:
jenniferlucycook [at] gmail [dot] com


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